Hush Bumps | Ultra-quiet Gel Bumpers

Our Story

As a father of four active kids with seemingly round-the-clock schedules, I was finding our home to be a seemingly non-stop assortment of noise at all hours. Noise from kitchen cabinets, kitchen drawers, bedroom doors, sliding wardrobe doors, bathroom doors, closet doors and hallway cabinets was creating constant distractions when quiet-time was needed for sleeping, working in the home office, watching TV, reading or studying.

Looking for a remedy for the dozens of these noise-makers around the house, I decided to try installing bumpers to make them quieter.  After going to several stores and purchasing several types and shapes of bumpers, I found all did very little to reduce noise.  My idea was if bumpers could perform more like mini shock absorbers and less like surface protectors, you could get better results.

After pondering this problem for months, I decided to try using pieces of soft gel from some “comfort” medical insoles made for impact reduction and found the material to work well.  From that discovery, I began looking for the perfect polymer gel and started testing various shapes suited to each specific area (cabinet doors, drawers, sliding doors and interior doors) until they were dramatically superior for reducing noise.   The result became these specialized ultra-quiet bumpers.

HushBumps gel bumpers