Hush Bumps | Ultra-quiet Gel Bumpers

Frequently Asked Questions

They are made from a polymer gel that is neither solid nor liquid. The material is pliable, yet durable, with the ability to retain its original shape.  This material allows the bumper to compress to a fraction of their normal height, providing isolation between the two surfaces that causes noise, along with an energy absorbing “shock absorber” effect. 

They are simple to install in just minutes without any tools.  You simply peel and stick into place.  The special adhesive even allows for removal and repositioning.

HushBumps provide optimum performance when placed on surfaces that do not bear weight – cabinet doors, interior doors, sliding doors and drawers.  If the bumpers are subject to constant weight they will compress and lose some of their effectiveness.    

Hushbumps will stick to clean metal surfaces, but if the door is heavy, the effectiveness will be reduced.  You can add additional HushBumps to compensate, however if the door is very heavy, the door will require another type of mechanism to effectively reduce closure noise. 

HushBumps gel bumpers

Why HushBumps

HushBumps gel bumpers range of products


Common plastic and rubber bumpers generally act as a spacer between surfaces and do very little to cushion the close. HushBump gel technology works like a “mini shock absorber” to cushion the close and dampen sound.


HushBumps can provide an amazing reduction in the closing sound of cabinets, drawers and interior doors throughout your home


HushBumps ultra clear gel material and low profile design makes them virtually invisible

Why HushBumps

HushBumps gel bumpers range of products


HushBumps adhesive properties allows removal and reattachment to obtain the best results without loss of bonding strength. They can even be cleaned with water and dried to renew their grip if they get dirty.


HushBumps are the easy, fast and low-cost solution to a quieter home or office.


HushBumps install in seconds with no tools, just peel and stick.